Episode 094: Remembrance Special

Date: 11 Nov 2020

Episode 094: Remembrance Special

On this Remembrance Day we are joined by 15 guests, all of whom are veterans or involved with veteran charities. They have fought wars, lost friends and comrades, and today they are here to talk about Remembrance and more.


Ray Smith - HMS MIDDLETON - The Second World War

Chris Purcell - HMS SHEFFIELD - The Falklands War

Joe Lyne - Royal Tank Regiment - Iraq/ Afghanistan

Levison Wood - The Parachute Regiment - Afghanistan

Dave Radband - The Parachute Regiment - Iraq/ Afghanistan

Dan & SJ (All Call Signs) - PWRR - Northern Ireland/ Afghanistan

Liz McConaghy - Royal Air Force - Iraq/ Afghanistan

Mike Chadwick - The Parachute Regiment - Afghanistan

Sean Jones MC - PWRR - Afghanistan

Antony Cotton - Ambassador of several veteran charities

Dan Mills - PWRR/ 4 PARA - Northern Ireland/ Bosnia/ Iraq/ Afghanistan/ Mali

Hugh Keir - The Parachute Regiment - Iraq/ Afghanistan

Michael Coates - Royal Engineers - Iraq

Dean Stott - Special Boat Service - Afghanistan

Corbin Mackin - The Rifles - Afghanistan

The Last Post/ 2 Minute Silence/ Reveille

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